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Our Communication Commitment

Urgent Priority
Please Call Our Office
Medium Priority
Please Call or E-Mail
Low Priority
E-Mail & Can Also Call
Requires answer same day or
within 24 hours
Requires conversation within
72 hours but is not
Need to make our office
aware of something but no
immediate action needed
This IS time sensitive
This is not time sensitive
There are no due dates with
this information
The matter potentially
involves a traumatic event
Not traumatic but cannot
wait until next appointment
This can wait until your next

We strive to promote consistent, clear, and effective communication.

As our client, you have unlimited access to our team. Many clients find the guide above helpful for understanding when to contact us and when to email our team at

Email is not an immediate form of communication.

We recognize society's dependence on email and its perception as instant. However, we want to stress that if you have an Urgent Priority, please call our office so we can address it promptly. 

What should you discuss regarding your finances?

We strive to be your primary resource for both general information and urgent financial matters. You can rely on our team to handle issues confidently. If a matter exceeds their expertise, such as providing financial advice, they will escalate it to your financial advisor and schedule an appointment for you. 

By outlining our communication commitment, we hope you find it consistent, clear, and an effective way to maintain a strong and healthy relationship.