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Brandon Rainbolt

Brandon Rainbolt

LPL Financial Advisor

My journey to becoming a financial advisor has been long, but profoundly impactful in shaping why I care for my clients as I do.

At the age of 8 years old, my mother was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma. Initially given no more than three months to live, my mother's fighting spirit, and the exceptional work of her doctors extended her life by an additional five years before she passed. There simply aren’t words to state how grateful we are for that time, and those precious memories.  After she lost her battle, we were thrown right into another one; years of travel, treatments, and life's expenses, we were physically, mentally, and financially exhausted.  I have a certainty of knowledge, if we had someone in our corner who was creative, thoughtful and savvy much of the financial aftermath could have been avoided.

Now, in the position my family once desperately needed, it is my passion to be the person my clients can look to for advice and guidance.  I'm here for you to lean on and ask, “Brandon, what should we do?”