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Christen Aven

Christen Aven

Client Relations Associate

Growing up on my grandparents' acreage, I learned the value of saving and spending money wisely. My great grandmother, the vice president of lending at Liberty Bank, was a stickler for precise accounting and encouraged me to mind my pennies. She wanted to make sure I understood that money must be earned and accounted for carefully.

As a young adult, I worked as a server and volunteered in various organizations while earning my undergraduate degree. I traveled to Spain for study abroad and lived in Sicily for a time. Once back in the states, I began pursuing a master's degree in education. My great grandmother's strength and lessons in finance made me balk at the thought of student loans, so working three jobs and applying for every scholarship available became my life for three years. I was awarded my Master of Education degree in May of 2019 and served as a public school teacher for four wonderful years.

When the opportunity to work with Shawn and Michael came about, I made the decision to transition to finance and have been learning non-stop ever since! I enjoy meeting our lovely clients, hearing their stories, and then having the opportunity to make their lives a little easier. It's a pleasure to be a part of the Cornerstone family and I know my great grandmother would be proud!