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Shawn Ezell, CFP®

Shawn Ezell, CFP®

LPL Financial Advisor

My interest in the financial world took root as a kid growing up in rural Oklahoma. During those formative summers, I worked for a local attorney who introduced me to the power of compound interest and the concept of financial independence. He taught me a valuable lesson: Each dollar you own can be a 'worker' for you, and if you manage enough of these 'workers', you don't have to work anymore. 

I was fortunate to connect with a local financial advisor who further deepened my understanding of finance, instilling in me the importance of community service, hard work, and the value of one's word. The lessons I learned from these two mentors continue to guide me in my interactions with clients today. 

As an independent advisor, my goal is to educate my clients, enabling them to feel confident about their financial decisions. I firmly believe that money isn't a goal in itself but rather a tool we use to accomplish our goals - be it world travel, children's education, a dignified retirement, or leaving a legacy. I relish the process of evaluating a client's current situation and guiding them in creating a plan to achieve their true desires. 

I work with individuals, families, oil and gas professionals, and business owners, aiding them in planning for retirement, minimizing taxes, and creating income strategies that align with their envisioned retirement lifestyle. I value clear communication, honesty, and a straightforward approach. 

With a bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Central Oklahoma and the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification under my belt, I provide a holistic, personalized approach to financial planning. As a CFP® professional, I am committed to acting as a fiduciary, placing your best interests at the forefront of any financial advice I offer. 

Outside of work, I treasure spending time with my wife, Stacy, and our two children, Colton and Brooklyn. If I'm not in the office, you can usually find me enjoying outdoor pursuits – hunting, fishing, shooting rifles, or golfing, a sport I'm currently teaching my son. I also practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.